How Can Professional Accounting Services Help Your Business?

Professional accounting services and tax assistance saves a business time and money. Many companies think they cannot afford to hire a professional accounting service, but the fact is they cannot afford not to hire one. Keeping track of expenditures and income on a daily basis is paramount to succeeding. When a business gets busy, the first thing to suffer is bookkeeping. A company cannot operate efficiently unless they know what the profit and loss margins.Every industry is different and requires different professional accounting services and tax assistant packages. A professional service consults with a client, and creates a package that is right for their business. Services range from daily recording of information, classifying, tracking, reporting, tax assistance, and payroll to more individualized services.Professional accounting services and tax assistance usually pays for itself quickly. Trained staff will utilize learned accounting techniques as well as analyze the information that they record daily. They can give detailed reports of expenditures and profits, allowing a business to make informed financial business decisions.One of the benefits of an accounting service is its ability to do complicated taxes. Expert staff trains on a continual basis to keep up with changing tax laws. Staying updated is time consuming, but vital to success. A tax service makes sure a business pays no penalties or interest. They give advice on tax breaks, and actions to take, in order to utilize the tax laws to their advantage.Payroll outsourcing is becoming more popular as more business realize it saves money and is more secure than payroll done on site. Fewer employees are needed saving on salaries and benefits. Outsourcing payroll allows management to dedicate more time to making the business a success, and less time on bookkeeping. A reputable outsourcing service will have data back-up assuring no information is lost. Payroll is more secure when done by an outside source decreasing the amount of people that have access to it.An organization that does not keep up with its daily transactions is flying blind. There is no way to determine if an organization is making, or losing, money without stringent record keeping. A business cannot keep abreast of new tax laws, which usually ends up costing them money in the end. Bookkeeping needs outsourced to professional accounting services and tax support in order to utilize finances and take advantage of the tax breaks available to them.

How the IT Manager Can Benefit by Partnering With a Managed Service Provider

Many small to medium sized businesses maintain their own IT infrastructure. When doing so they will hire an IT Manager to handle the day to day operations. While some may consider this a viable and economically sound solution, experience has shown that it may benefit the IT Manager, and the business, more to partner with a Managed Service Provider.You may find your team understaffed at times resulting in an inability to stay on top of situations and procedures. Does this result in your need to hire temp help?The break/fix model of many teams limits them to putting out one fire and moving on to the next. Conversely, paying staff to sit idly by while waiting for the next crisis hardly seems the best use of their skillset, and the business’ capital.Managing multiple vendors, employees, contracts, budgets, temps, etc. can also become cumbersome, if not overwhelming, at times. Consider the following benefits when partnering with a Managed Service Provider.Your MSP Is the Only Vendor You Will Need to Manage.Management of all vendor/supplier contracts are handled by your MSP, thereby providing you more time to manage your day to day operations. They can handle all pricing/budgeting aspects and support issues regarding your IT needs all while providing a single point of contact.The Need for Business ContinuityA quality Managed Service Provider will always take a proactive approach to minimizing downtime. The implementation of disaster prevention measures provide peace of mind and consistent day-to-day operations. However, in the event of any network failure or catastrophic event, predetermined disaster recovery plans immediately become operational. Data is restored from backups, networks are reinstated and your business services become operational in short order.Trained, Certified and Experienced IT Staff Available 24/7Throughout the business day, most MSPs provide you with access to experienced and trained IT staff to handle any situation. Your IT Support calls should be answered by a live person and not a canned answering system. But what about after hours or EOD? We all know, from experience, that situations do not always surface during normal business hours. A quality MSP offers you 24/7 access to qualified IT personnel, regardless of the time or situation. Does your in-house solution provide this benefit?One Source for a Collective PerspectiveOverseeing and monitoring all of your IT Services from one source allows for a collective perspective. One that provides an unbiased and consolidated point of view. The information we gather and report on, in real time, allows you and your business to make educated and informed decisions. An increase in overall performance of your business is our objective and is an obvious benefit to our partnership.Helping the Bottom LineThe economical benefits of partnering with a Managed Service Provider are many. From alleviating the need for full time staff, temp help and disaster recovery, to less down time, more economical vendor pricing and more streamlined and efficient operational procedures.If you are an IT Manager and are ready to discuss your IT Solutions with us, we invite you to contact us at any time.

How to Talk to Someone Who Likes to Travel – Networking Note Cards

The following questions and statements are to help average, everyday people like you and I hang in during a conversation with someone who expresses that they love to travel. These talking points are important for people like me and you who don’t travel much and wouldn’t know the first thing to talk about with someone who is a traveling guru.ASK:1) “How do you familiarize yourself with foreign societial customs?” This question will get them to talk about how they adapt to the environment that they find themselves in when they travel. Someone who travels frequently will enjoy explaining to you the different types of quirky customs that they run into when they travel.2) “How do you prefer to travel once you are abroad?” Here you can identify the most efficient means that they use to travel once they are abroad. This opens up a ton of conversation potential because foreign travel is a whole conversation in itself.  Find out the dangers and pleasures of traveling once abroad. You should get some stories from this question.3) “How do you reduce the cost of traveling?” Travelers, who travel frequent and often, have a mind full of money and time saving tips that they can’t wait to express to you if you ask. This will instantly smooth the mood in a conversation with someone who is a traveling expert. Take note of what they tell you here; you never know when it will come in useful.4) “What are the bare necessary items you possess when traveling?” By asking you this question you will be able to get them to reveal their professional experience which only comes from people who have traveled a fair to moderate amount. Find out what you should leave home and what you should buy once you are abroad.5) “I heard there are many must see places in ____. Where have you been?” Think about the experiences you have that others do not. If you felt that they were sincerely interested in your experiences and asked you about them you would be elated go into acute detail about it. By the end of your monologue, and after a sigh of relief, you would think that this person is a blast to talk to all because they let you express your experiences to them. That is the same concept for this question.SAY:1) “My most exciting adventure occurred when…” Sprinkle this statement into the conversation rather than dumping it as a monologue onto their lap. It can be followed with a real place you have ventured to or if you haven’t ever been to anywhere exciting you can add some humor by saying something like “…I went to the post office yesterday.”2) “When I travel I always have an itinerary OR I just wing it as I go” You can say either one of these statements and go into detail about why you either just go with the flow or have to be exactly planned before you leave the front door. Back up your opinion with why. This could be a conversation in itself and it’s something that both of you could relate to.3) “Some of my highlights of my trips have been…” Of course if you have never traveled anywhere this might be a little more difficult to fill in the blank. You can say anything really. Remember, just as many places on the Internet claim, it’s not about what you say but how you say it and that you’re saying something. If you express the highlights of your trip with excitement it will rub off on the person you’re speaking with.4) “Airlines now state their seat pitches which are the distances between the seats on a flight.” Some people who travel often might not even know this. It’s a great little tidbit of information that can lead into a whole conversation about flying on planes and all of the interesting people they have sat next to. This is a little bit of traveling and airline jargon that will help you relate to this particular person you are talking to.5) “Helping out on research projects can sometimes earn you a free trip somewhere.” Not everyone has had this happen to them but it is a great experience and if you can find one for a good price then jump on it. But to use this talking point in a conversation, take a few minutes to look up research assistant projects online and grab a few details about it. This will pay of f when it comes time to expressing some helpful advice to the traveling enthusiasts that you meet.People love to talk about their experiences and traveling by nature is always a different experience. It comes down to asking the right questions to getting people to open up. Everyone has their own specific questions that will get their conversation gears revving and this article will give you the keys to opening up traveling fans. When you express an interest in someone else’s interest they will act on your best interest in return.